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Asset GPS Tracking

Valuables positioning, easy installation, long standby time

Asset GPS Tracker

What is Asset GPS Tracking?

Asset tracking is similar to GPS tracking in that you install a device in the asset. That device then transmits information to software and organizes it into easily-readable reports. Both devices can identify improper use, theft, and real-time location. A GPS tracker for heavy equipment allows asset managers to monitor utilization. They are able to monitor overuse or determine whether an asset is rarely moved. Also shown is the run time for equipment, and where each asset is at any given time. This is obviously the largest benefit of asset tracking.


1. Centralize data with asset management software.

2. Increase value with asset utilization reports.

3. Improve asset lifecycle maintenance.

4. Achieve greater security for important assets.

6. Strengthen asset management protocols.

7. Optimize resources

8. Get timely Alerts

Why is asset gps tracking better?

1. Real-Time Asset Tracking

2. Increased Adaptability

3. Collaborative Platform

4. Centralized Database

5. Failsafe Data Security


While asset tracking spreadsheets can be adopted to help in asset management, they are inefficient and unreliable. The specific nature of an automated tracking software makes it a more suitable, reliable and efficient way to track, manage and maintain assets. The software offers a secure way to save and edit asset data and track assets in real-time. It also enables businesses to adopt a centralized management system that allows employees to easily share resources and assets with each other. Therefore, an online asset tracking tool is the best solution for the asset management needs of businesses.

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